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sometimes i’m pretty sure only 2 people read this

but here are some nice pictures anyway.

squaw valley is a really beautiful place.

a little photoshoppy exaggeration; the skiing wasn’t this doomful.

i’ve started taking the pigs out in a pair, now that i’ve gotten more used to them and they’ve gotten more used to me (they still hate me though).

they do this a lot though. that’s stark hiding under scully as best she can.

and the cat came back…

family photo op!

the buddha could have been holding pigs instead of his own belly.

ken bonds with them too, of course :)

they’ve gotten way into certain vegetables, which makes me (and them) happy. they’re my first tier compost heap. stark goes insane for carrots and scully loves banana and seems very happy with spinach. and as you can see, they both like to eat melon. at the same time.

photo op ended when i scared them. this is a common scene here.

now that gidget is on summer vacation, she does more than just lie around and annoy me, you know:

she is also into literature. the book she’s reading now is called “achieving human understanding.”

and then there’s yoga.

and finally, patrolling the backyard.

the wisteria flowers are gone (along with the lovely scent and all the bees), but here’s a few shots of them i managed to get.

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