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1st year-mark bbq

we recently had a bbq to celebrate making it for a year in davis. a record 15 (or 16) people showed up! near the latter third i remembered i should probably take some pictures to commemorate the event (i think fluffy and jen snogging spurred this on).

margaret and joe made it! yay! we hadn’t seen them since the ren faire of doom.

james kept trying to get mario and francesca to pose while eating.

it wasn’t a bad idea.

best picture of ken ever.

THE OUTSIDERS. for some reason most of my ucdavis friends elected to stay outside most of the night. it’s really hard to get a good picture of them outside; maybe that’s why.

meanwhile, inside most people were playing some really strange game that had to do with hoarding sheep or something.

laura is just Too Cool. we all wish we knew her secret.

i don’t know what it is with my cat and james. she’s strangely attracted to him. here, i was calling and calling her and she chose to plant herself almost directly under his crotch. disturbing.

finally, the harlot comes crawling back to me.

at one point fluffy got so drunk that he just started grabbing random girls and kissing them. that’s sara in the background, tsk tsking.

seriously, though, fluffy and jen are really cute together. and jen is pretty cool (usually i have no luck with people with that name!)

karl didn’t like it when i put a guinea pig on his shoulder.

even less so on his crotch. but that was all his fault.

a really crappy picture of mario and francesca!

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