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adam savage at the maker faire

part of what made the maker faire in san mateo so awesome for me this year was a talk adam savage of mythbusters fame gave about failure. rather than try to push some tired aphorisms we’ve all heard, he simply recounted some of his most depressing failures in the engineering industry. one of them, in which someone actually DEFRIENDED him because he messed up on a job, and then he had to face down a whole movie crew in the most dehumanizing professional intervention i’ve ever seen (single chair in a dark room with a spotlight? really?), really spoke to my heart. it told me that we all have the potential to be there, and it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re fuck-ups for life. it also reminded me of a recent collaborative project that totally fell through for me– where basically because two people had a problem with me and wouldn’t be straight about it, i in effect was bullied and stonewalled out of the project and lost all my work and friendships.

so yeah, that meant a lot. thanks adam.

also, he made a lot of funny faces :) actually we’re considering making a video of some of these stills to “damn it feels good to be a gangsta”– for… no real reason other than that it was playing when i was showing these to ken.

anyway, you probably want to see the pictures. i took at least a hundred, but these are the “best”– the quality isn’t best because i didn’t have flash, and the things turned out pretty dark. so i learned a lot more about photoshop, and fell in love with curves:

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