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xmas 2006

eh, better late than never. these images are sort of emotionally charged for me, i guess. so it took me a while to get around to being motivated to work on them.

gidget at the rest stop, somewhere in california. we liked to let her out at them whenever we traveled; she was pretty old and didn’t go far, and i’d like to think she enjoyed being able to get out and sniff the sights, so to speak.

at the rest stop there was some sort of game bird being shipped in crates to a hunting resort. we chatted with the driver a bit, and there was a moderate amount of secret loathing welling in me while we did.

finally, chillin’ on my parents’ patio. i think i took this?

taken by my parents.

oh god this cheese. this is a family tradition, every year we have to have the cheese plate with the nut roll. this might have been the year we handmade the nut roll actually. which explains why i have a picture of it.

three generations: red, blonde and blue. taken by ken.

ken invents a new game!

one of the great things about my parents’ backyard is that it’s home to a lot of dead wildlife. when we stayed here one summer there was a dead rabbit that appeared one day and mysteriously disappeared the next. elusive creatures, dead things.

dad’s fire pot is kinda dangerous.

hills of the central valley, now with 50% more angus!

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