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love in the time of depression (jan 07)

less than a month after gidget died, ken had to go visit his family. i didn’t want to be alone for the weekend, so i decided to go inflict myself upon sara and karl and fluffy, who are good enough friends that i usually feel 200 times better in their presence.

at chinese. i think this might have been my first introduction to fluffy’s fiancee.

fluffy ordered this… thing that was pretty much um. well, remember the “rocketship” cookies in death to smoochy? er, yeah. i wanted a better picture of him with it, but i think for some reason he was embarrassed to be photographed in its presence because he very quickly devoured the thing.

i swear this is like the perfect match.

we went to a playground.

some of us were more excited than others.

we are trying to be river from firefly or serenity or one of those. it looks like we are competing but really that thing was just damn hard to stand on. (by karl)

(by karl)

(by karl)

real friends will remember this picture as one on my myspace for a while. i love this picture. (by karl)

karl likes to draw.

this is what he draws.

these iguanas look like they should have been in the “closer” video from nine inch nails.

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