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state fair 2005

i don’t think i ever posted this but here are some pictures from ken’s and my first trip to the ca state fair back in ’05:

the fair, in a nutshell


livestock nursery

we got to hold baby piggies at the nursery. well actually the same baby piggy. ken tends to hold baby piggies gently…

while i apparently tend to form impromptu hiphop groups with them, their caretakers and random passersby.

the guy wouldn’t just let me milk the goat alone. i wasn’t doing a bad job, honestly. I HAD MILKED BEFORE YOU KNOW.

WET AND WILD live animal showcase orwhateveritwascalled

i got to hold my favorite owl! hee!

this is what happens when you raise your hand for the mystery animal.

insert obvious inappropriate joke here


best art piece ever

the caption says “one in the same”. uh. right.

petting zoo!

Generous Llama doesn’t mind giving shade to the needy.

the audacity of some of these hungry animals was just outrageous. here’s a deer performing the famous human trick, “checking to see if there’s anything left in the vending machine”.

the goats, though, were clearly worse.

“here deer. plz don’t eat my hand plz”

nothing can cheer up Sad Kanga.

assorted fair attractions

there are some frightening county exhibits at this thing. like, yeah, i really want to come to your county so that i can be nommed by this FRIGHTENING SUN-ORANGE THING.

animul exhibits

that’s it!

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