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Muse 2010- Oakland Oracle Arena, CA

OMG guys. So I saw Muse a month ago and took about 500 pictures. Roughly 160 of those were decent enough to share. Now, the majority of these are Matt Bellamy’s ass, because we had seats behind the stage and Muse did that whole 360-degree stage thingy they’re doing for this ‘Resistance’ tour. But honestly, I think I got some pretty good ones.

With a few exceptions, the best of the batch I put on Flickr, located here. The ones I’m posting here I also think are great, particularly in other ways… but for the really awesome ones you should really check out the Flickr set.

The set-up…

A typical Muse concert: Chris is off grooving by himself, pretending he doesn’t know the people he’s playing with, Matt is bending over, and Dom is measuring his ass.

One of the perks of sitting behind the stage was getting to glimpse Matt, apparently, trying to get everyone on board for playing ‘Map of the Problematique’ next.

Dawwwwwwwwww :)

This may be the best picture from a Muse concert ever. I challenge you to find a better one.

I really love this sequence for the crazy girl at the top middle. LOOK AT HER GO.

Like Tennant, Bellamy could also be described as a ‘long streak of alien nothing’.

Ken bemoaned the advent of the cell phone, but I think it made for a really beautiful audience shot.

Look most pictures are of Matt OKAY I’M SORRY, but he faced the back more often because he wasn’t a complete wanker. Also, when he does stuff like this what am I supposed to do, not take a picture?? I swear he has a cat spine.

So there were about three things that Matt did with perhaps unsurprising regularity: jump, kneel, and bend over. So much so that I had to make directories on my computer for these actions.

He got some pretty impressive air on some of those jumps.

And this was the part of the concert where eyeballs dropped from the ceiling. No, man, srsly. You should have been there.

Matt’s ridonkulous glasses he wore for ‘Uprising’ only.

I’m not sure either. I just take pictures of things…


Unfortunately this is the best I could do for his incredibly distracting dancing during ‘SupermassiveBlackHole’. For that song Matt was not Matt, he was some sort of British Adonis. MY GOD. I didn’t even think he was cute before this.

Matt decided at one point to knock over a light by leaning on it like a bear scratching itself. Of course it was hot.

The sequence!

He really loved that light box.

Isn’t Matt’s piano patently ridiculous? He didn’t play “I Belong to You” so I have to hate him now.

Again with the writhing, on the opening riff to “Plug In Baby”. He went up and down about 3 or 4 times.


I amuse myself imagining that Dom is trying to crane his neck to see around Matt’s huge ass.

Check out the dudes at the top. I DID NOT DOCTOR THIS PHOTO.

Sequence! Even Matt walking down stairs is hilarious at this point.


Matt the troubadour: “Let me tell you a tale of danger and triumph…”

And then Muse became so hot that they hit critical mass and blew up the arena.

Play Matt off, Drumkit Dom.


Shout out to the backup band member who helped on both guitar and synth. He was so cool :D

And the techs, who apparently hung around up there all night to do the stage effects!

Matt decided to give the backies a consolation prize for having to watch him wiggle his ass all night, and threw us Dom’s drumsticks.

Oakland is weird. This was outside the Arena on the sidewalk.

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