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Sacramento Zoo, 2008

Our first and probably only visit to the Sacramento Zoo with Sara in 2008. I had my zoom lens, which was handy, but all the fences were not :P

‘Art’ rears its ugly head again. Seriously, this is terrifying; who’d want to take a drink out of this??

Primarily I liked this for the people in the background and not just the parrot.

Black and white ruffed lemurs <3<3

For once not all the big cats were sleeping. This is a margay, who was looking intently at something down below…

And this is a Sumatran tiger!

I believe this is called, no lie, a ‘black cheeked white nosed monkey’. It was a cutie, whatever it was.

Golden-bellied mangabey, giving us what I am fairly sure is a ‘play-face’.

Also I’m fairly sure this one is a male.

Ken trying to give the play-face back to him!

Bongo with an itch!

I think I like the crop better; what do you think?

Sad orangutan.

Sara bro’ fisting the fake orangutan.

I believe this is a sleepy fruit bat.

African Grey parrots!

The giraffes were really photogenic.


Snow leopards! They were my favorite big cat when I was little. I mean, just look at them. They’re big ploofs!

Hyena behind a rock.

This guy has an almost smug smirk going on here. I’m re-naming him Rassalion.

Happy otter!

They had a temporary penguin exhibit. It seemed awfully small :/

Ken and I as penguins!


Bengal monitor. I love how all the reptiles have this haughty sort of ‘Fuck off’ look to them.

Honduran club-tailed iguana.


No idea what this is.


Red pandas. If you’re ever having a bad day, I recommend you just look at pictures of these dudes. Bonus points if they are sleeping.

Fulvous whistling ducks?

Red-breasted geese.

Southern crested screamer. We didn’t get to hear it scream though.

Chillin’ afterward at some random bubble tea shop.

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