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Halloween 2008: Abe Lincoln and George Washington in Love

Occasionally Ken and I actually throw a party. This was probably one of the most fun Halloweens I’ve had, and with some of the best costumes as well.

First, here’s Ken’s pumpkin, a tribute to Captain Hammer. Mine, which was more a tribute to Boston Legal, didn’t turn out as well picture-wise.

Hang on, I didn’t see rat on the list of ingredients…

Now for the party.

Alan came as Bernard Black from Black Books. At the time I had no idea who this was.

James changed his costume throughout the night, from a Civil War general to Dinosaur Elvis to… other stuff I think. This is because James has too many costumes.

Alex came as Angel of the Morning, a visual pun. I forget what Henry’s costume was specifically.

Mario was a vampire. I feel like Mario is a vampire every year. Not that anyone’s complaining.

I was Sexy Abe Lincoln, basically as a response to all the ridiculous ‘Sexy’ versions of costumes out there for women. I had a beard but it got too itchy.

Ken was George Washington, to go along with my Lincoln. And also because we found this picture:


AJ came as Robert Smith of the Cure.

Janie was Olive Oyl!

It wasn’t long before we started playing the inevitable three hours of Rock Band.

Me and the Mecha Costume: Bernard Black’s ciggies, Angel’s flowers, the general’s sword, George’s wig, Lincoln’s clothes and hat, and the vampire’s trenchcoat.

Jeez, you’d think she never played Eat Poop You Cat before.

and here’s a bonus one of Ken, not Halloween-related:

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